World Class Engineering

For over 80 years Lau’s engineering department has had no rivals in business. Our team of experienced design engineers and technicians utilize state-ofthe-art engineering tools and laboratory facilities to provide solutions for the most demanding customer applications. Areas of technical expertise include:

  • Airflow Performance
  • Acoustics
  • Structural Dynamics

Lau’s engineering laboratory provides a full range of product and application testing. Airflow performance testing is conducted in one of two large airflow chambers. Dual reverberant rooms are available to measure sound power levels in accordance with AMCA Standard 300. The Lau Engineering laboratory is accredited by AMCA for test standards 210 and 300.

Other laboratory capabilities include balance and vibration measurements, dynamic strain-gage testing, life cycle testing, and ASTM B-117 Salt Fog.

The laboratory contains a 12,000 ft2 prototype and sample shop that supports product development and customer sample requests.

From basic air-moving components to motorized air-moving packages, Lau engineering is uniquely positioned to tackle the most demanding customer application challenges.